SkyBridge Referral Program

Who is eligible for a referral bonus?
SkyBridge customers, friends, consultants, industry partners, investors are eligible for a referral bonus. SkyBridge employees are eligible, with the exception of SkyBridge employees within the Sales organization. Business owners cannot refer their own business or establishments with shared decision makers. Official partners of SkyBridge with existing referral programs and/or custom pricing are not eligible.

A referral bonus of either i) a $100 Gift Card, or ii) One Month Free will be rewarded to eligible persons or businesses who refer a business directly to SkyBridge using the referral form, and sign up within 90 days of the referral form submission. The referrer will be rewarded per individual SkyBridge website signup, not per SkyBridge location. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses can be rewarded per referrer. For example, if 3 businesses are referred and sign up in the same calendar month, a $300 gift card or 3 Free Months will be rewarded. However, for gift card redemptions, no single gift card referral bonus may be in excess of $2,000 per the terms of our gift card partner. No more than one referral bonus may be rewarded per account. No more than one referral form within a 365 day period may be submitted per account. The referral must be made and communicated to SkyBridge prior to signup and is only eligible if SkyBridge is not yet in contact with the referred business. If $600 or more in gift card rewards has been earned during the year a Form-W9 will be required in order to be eligible for payment.
When will the referrer be paid?
Payment for the referral bonus will be prompted 30 days after the referred business has completed signup with SkyBridge, as long as the customer has signed up within 90 days of the referral form submission and there are no past due balances on the referred businesses new account. If the referred business has not signed up within 90 days of the referral form submission, the referrer is no longer eligible for a referral bonus.